The initial assessment session begins with case history taking, followed by formal and informal assessment of the patient's difficulties.
Formal assessment is tailored to the adult or child's specific needs. Children's assessments use pictures and toys to compare the child's ability with an expected age-related standard. This allows the therapist to explore the extent of the child's difficulties and to plan an appropriate intervention programme.


Analysis of the assessment findings allows the therapist to diagnose speech, language or communication deficits. These results can be presented as a formal report if required.


There are a variety of treatment options available in order to meet each patient's needs.
Most adults and children opt for individual therapy sessions in our clinic rooms on a once or twice weekly basis. The therapist identifies clear goals for each session, which target the specific areas of deficit identified during assessment. We are keen to provide 'homework activities at the end of each session.

The Speech Clinic offers intervention at home, school or nursery, on a regular or infrequent basis. This may be more convenient for patients and allows for liaison with children's teachers and classroom support workers. Most schools are keen for additional input and welcome the opportunity to liaise with the therapist on a regular basis.
Patients with complex communication needs may also benefit from carer or staff training, which can be delivered to home or school groups.

Reports and Programmes

The assessment results and diagnosis can be presented in a formal report at your request. The Speech Clinic also provides reports for Annual Review meetings and upon completion of treatment.

Programmes of therapeutic activities can be provided to homes and schools if there is a designated person to work with the individual. These programmes describe the key activities to practice and provide the required resources.

School and College Packages

The Speech Clinic is pleased to provide regular therapy services to a number of local schools and colleges. Being based within an establishment for regular days each week allows us to work with a range of students as well as providing staff training. Our therapists work with individuals and run groups, as well as providing assessment and reports where indicated. This allows educational establishments to access specialist input in a timely and focused manner.